Saturday, December 1, 2007

Travel in Vintage Style

1986 Fleetwood Bounder RV

$7,900 OBO, Cash only, AS IS. Woodland Park, Colorado, 719-633-2515

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My family received this RV as a donation to our non-profit ministry organization in May of 2007 from a local friend.

Great Family Vehicle

We traveled with our two children for 10 weeks the summer of 2007 and became intimately acquainted with every detail of this RV and, though we sell it to you AS IS, we are confident of its excellent working condition. We think you will find this unit to be in amazing condition--like none on the market--for it's model year.

(The rear window was replaced (after a rock hit it)and the whole window resealed to prevent leaks.)

Updated in June 2007

Though it was in working order, we immediately began to update the unit and since that time we have replaced, tuned, repaired, refinished, etc. most everything in the RV. As pictured, the coach has original A&E Imperial 8000 awnings: three on the driver's side and main awning on the passenger side.

Equipment Specs

Model 31KB. Original Equipment: 31'10" length, 10'11" tall, 96" exterior width, 178" wheelbase, 14,840 GVW, 101 gallons fresh, 59 black, 47 grey, 20 lpg, 100 gallon fuel tank, 6 gallon Atwoodwater heater, 2 Duo-Therm roof air conditioners, Central heating furnace by Suburban, 30 amp AC service, Onan generator, AC/DC converter. Previous owner, a friend of present owner's, had new furnace installed in 2006, as well as an Airlift 1000 air suspension system. At 16, 078 miles he also replaced the engine with new Chevy 454 for $3,665.91, and he installed K&M air filter system with larger intake. Present owner installed new transmission on 05/24/07 for $1,242.00, Pathfinder Tires, 60,000 mile warranty, 40,900 miles, 5/12/07 for $1,285.00, and cleaned and tuned the Onan generator. On 6/19/07 Vasholtz Auto (in Woodland Park) refilled the Chevey AC coolant and repaired old vacuum lines for $257.99, On 07/05/07 Cummins Diesel sold parts for $457.68 and owner replaced the fuel pump and the entire electrical control panel on the Onan generator, On 07/27/07 Twin City Tire replaced all the engine belts for $414.09, Last oil and lube changed at 45,824 with Synthetic product for $87.62.

Low mileage!

The unit has 49,700 miles on it, and the updates/repairs that follow will underline how almost every system in the RV has been recently updated!

More upgrades

Here's a further list of upgrades:
many interior and exterior light bulbs, headlamps, new pull down straps on all three window awnings on the drivers side, new sewer hose with angle attachment and caps, new fresh water hose, new cable TV cable, 100ft heavy duty AC line, 50A to 30A adapter cable, new fuel filters from the main gasoline tank, brand new fuel line from fill cap to gas tank, new battery for RV "house" usage, installed new water reservoir for cooling system, replaced several old vacuum hoses at engine, replaced spark plugs, several spark plug wired, distributor cap, coil, and rotor, installed new windshield wipers, installed new smoke alarm and a cabinet installed Carbon Dioxide monitor, and, finally, shampooed the carpet on 10/12/07. All in all, our ministry's book-keeping shows $5,455 in updates this year. We are selling it to buy a newer unit because our experience was so good this summer we have decided to do it again...and again.


A new Everpure water purification system was installed in 2005 and the new owner repaired some plumbing joints and new copper line to filtered water tap at kitchen sink, new fixture at kitchen sink, and replaced many old plumbing joints and installed a brand new water pump.

Cutting board and paper towel holder are new additions.