Saturday, December 1, 2007

More upgrades

Here's a further list of upgrades:
many interior and exterior light bulbs, headlamps, new pull down straps on all three window awnings on the drivers side, new sewer hose with angle attachment and caps, new fresh water hose, new cable TV cable, 100ft heavy duty AC line, 50A to 30A adapter cable, new fuel filters from the main gasoline tank, brand new fuel line from fill cap to gas tank, new battery for RV "house" usage, installed new water reservoir for cooling system, replaced several old vacuum hoses at engine, replaced spark plugs, several spark plug wired, distributor cap, coil, and rotor, installed new windshield wipers, installed new smoke alarm and a cabinet installed Carbon Dioxide monitor, and, finally, shampooed the carpet on 10/12/07. All in all, our ministry's book-keeping shows $5,455 in updates this year. We are selling it to buy a newer unit because our experience was so good this summer we have decided to do it again...and again.

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vance said...

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